SC 1.1: Coordination of Space Techniques
Chair: Urs Hugentobler (Germany)

SC 1.2: Global Reference Frames
Chair: Xavier Collilieux (France)

SC 1.3: Regional Reference Frames
Chair: Carine Bruyninx (Belgium)

SC 1.3a: Europe
Chair: Markku Poutanen (Finland)

SC 1.3b: South and Central America
Chair: William Martinez (Colombia)

SC 1.3c: North America
Chair: Michael Craymer (Canada

SC 1.3d: Africa
Chair: Elifuraha Saria (Tanzania)

SC 1.3e: Asia-Pacific
Chair: John Dawson (Australia)

SC 1.3f: Antarctica
Chair: Martin Horwath (Germany)

SC 1.4: Interaction of Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames
Chair: Zinovy. Malkin (Russia)


Joint Study Groups

JSG 0.22: Definition of Next Generation Terrestrial Reference Frames (joint with ICCT, description see ICCT)
Chair: Christopher Kotsakis (Greece)


Joint Working Groups

JWG 1.1: Site Survey and Co-location
(joint with the IERS)
Chair: Sten Bergstrand (Sweden)

JWG 1.2: Modelling Environmental Loading Effects for Reference Frame Realizations (joint with the IERS)
Chair: Tonie van Dam (Luxembourg)

JWG 1.3: Troposphere Ties (joint with Commission 4)
Chair: Robert Heinkelmann (Germany)

JWG 0.1.2: Strategy for the Realization of the International Height Reference System (IHRS) (joint with GGOS, Commission 2 and IGFS, description see GGOS)
Chair: Laura Sanchez (Germany)

JWG 2.2: Relativistic Geodesy: First Steps Towards a New Geodetic Technique (joint with Commission 2, description see Commission2)
Chair: Jakob Flury (Germany)