WG 1.3.1: Time dependent transformations between reference frames

Chair: Richard Stanaway (Australia)


Terms of Reference

The main aim of the WG is to focus research in deformation modelling into the rapidly emerging field of regional reference frames used in applied geodesy, particularly positioning and GIS. Deformation models and other time-dependent transformation models provide linkages between global reference frames such as ITRF, regional reference frames and local reference frames commonly used for land surveying and mapping.

The WG will integrate the findings of IAG WG 1.3.1 “Integration of dense velocity fields in the ITRF” (2011-2015), the EUREF WG on Deformation Models and other current research into developing a global deformation and transformation model schema that can be used to support realisation of regional and local reference frames from ITRF to support GIS and positioning technologies such as Network RTK (NRTK). This will require development of a standardised deformation model format that can be accessed from international registries of geodetic parameters such as those hosted by ISO/TC 211 and EPSG (European Petroleum Survey Group).

WG 1.3.1 will work closely with FIG Commission 5 (Positioning and Measurement), specifically FIG Working Group 5.2 (Reference Frames). WG members comprise of a wide spectrum of researchers from different fields of geophysics, geodesy, land surveying and GIS.



  • Richard Stanaway (Australia), Chair
  • Hasanuddin Abidin (Indonesia)
  • Sonia Alves (Brazil)
  • Graeme Blick (New Zealand)
  • Miltiadis Chatzinikos (Greece)
  • Chris Crook (New Zealand)
  • Paul Denys (New Zealand)
  • Nic Donnelly (New Zealand)
  • Rui Fernandes (Portugal)
  • Yasushi Harada (Japan)
  • Kevin Kelly (USA)
  • Juliette Legrand (Belgium)
  • Daphné Lercier (France)
  • Martin Lidberg (Sweden)
  • Rob McCaffrey (USA)
  • Christopher Pearson (New Zealand)
  • Craig Roberts (Australia)
  • Laura Sánchez (Germany)
  • Yoshiyuki Tanaka (Japan)
  • Norman Teferle (Luxembourg)