Regional Reference Frames

Chair: Carine Bruyninx (Belgium)


Terms of Reference

Sub-commission 1.3 deals with the definitions and realizations of regional reference frames and their connection to the global International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF). It offers a home for service-like activities addressing theoretical and technical key common issues of interest to regional organisations.



In addition to the specific objectives of each regional Sub-commission, the main objectives of SC1.3 as a whole are to:

  • Coordinate the activities of the regional Sub-commissions focusing on exchange of data, competences and results;
  • Promote operation of permanent GNSS stations, in connection with IGS whenever appropriate, as the basis for the long-term maintenance of regional reference frames;
  • Promote open access to the GNSS data from permanent GNSS stations used for the maintenance of regional reference frames and scientific applications;
  • Develop specifications for the definition and realization of regional reference frames, including the vertical component with a special consideration of gravity and other data;
  • Encourage and stimulate the development of the AFREF project in close cooperation with IGS and other interested organizations;
  • Encourage and assist countries, within each regional Sub-commission, to re-define and modernize their national geodetic systems, compatible with the ITRF;
  • Support the initiatives of the GGRF (Global Geodetic Reference Frame) WG of the UN-GGIM (United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management).


Program of Activities

  • Organize inter-regional workshops addressing activities, results and key issues of common interest to the regional Sub-commissions;
  • Develop analysis strategies and compare methods for the implementation of the regional reference frames and their expression in the ITRF, in full interaction with the IGS;
  • Consider developing tectonic deformation models that will enable transformation of locations within a defined reference frame between different epochs;
  • At regional levels, contribute to the realization and improvement of local surveys in the collocation sites, with full cooperation with the Sub-commission 1.2 Global Reference Frames.