Improving VLBI-based CRF for Geodesy

Chair: Sebastien Lambert (France)



The WG will address the way of improving the VLBI CRF and how these improvements can impact other geodetic products. The following items will be looked into:

  • ICRS/ICRF definition in view of the latest developments in astrometry and space geodesy;
  • Systematic errors in the current individual CRF realizations;
  • Effects of changing the wavelengths due to, e.g., core-shift;
  • Modeling and analysis options;
  • Interaction with futures Gaia-like CRF.



  • Sébastien Lambert (France), Chair
  • François Mignard (France)
  • Jacques Roland (France)
  • Maria Karbon (Germany)
  • Stas Shabala (Australia)
  • Zinovy Malkin (Russia)
  • Manuela Seitz (Germany)
  • Dan MacMillan (USA)