Impact of Geophysical and Astronomical Modeling on Reference Frames and their Consistency

Chair: Dan MacMillan (U.S.A.)



Analysis and Solution Parameterization

  • More advanced gradient parameterization
  • Estimation of systematic temporal variation of source positions
  • Galactic aberration model

External Models (Comparisons of models and effect on reference frames)

  • Loading models
  • Troposphere delay models (mapping functions or raytraced delays) based on numerical weather models
  • Effects arising from shifting from ITRF2008 to ITRF2014

Internal Inconsistency

  • Declination zonal systematic CRF difference between 2009 and current solutions
  • Addition of Australian network data?
  • Troposphere estimation effect?
  • Other VLBI network dependent effects?



  • Dan MacMillan (Chair, USA) (NASA GSFC)
  • Robert Heinkelmann (Germany)
  • Tobias Nilsson (Germany)
  • Hana Krásná (Austria)
  • David Mayer (Austria)
  • Sebastien Lambert (France)
  • Manuela Seitz (Germany)
  • Zinovy Malkin (Russia)